was developed by veteran EAP professionals to leverage the Internet in our stress-reduction efforts. The result is your organization's most efficient opportunity to deliver stress relief, reduction and training to your people. Finally, you can provide and promote revolutionary stress management - liberating people, performance and profitability at the same time.
By contracting with Talk About Stress, a division of BPA Health, your company can provide its people all of the assessment, education, training and tools they need to manage the impact of stress on life, health, and work. Co-Branded and hosted by Talk About Stress, the online package can be delivered via your company Intranet or the Internet. We will work with you to determine the best installation and implementation approach.
Large employers and Health Plans can address the root of so many other expensive concerns -- illness, pharmacy costs, disability, substance abuse, workplace violence, absenteeism, accidents -- and depending upon the number of people you want to include, all at pennies per member per month! Call today or register for a tour and a quote.
Talk About Stress also offers a weekly newsletter to Benefits and HR Managers, designed to offer insights and ideas into reducing stress at work.
We offer many "real world" stress reduction tools in addition to our online resources. CDs, books, and on-site workshops complement the Talk About Stress website. In the future, Talk About Stress will deliver online video, PDA integration, and will be adding national and international facutly.
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